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How to Create Shade on Your Patio

Don’t let the blazing sun deter you from using your patio to the fullest extent! Adding shade to sunnier spots can increase the likelihood that you can enjoy the outdoors without melting like a popsicle. Check out our ideas below and get ready to sip your iced tea in the shade. Climbing Vines Organic elements like climbing vines trained to spread out on arbors, trellis, and pergolas can make a big impact ...

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An Awesome Bloody Mary Recipe for Your Spring Brunch

If you’re looking to up your brunch game this year, we thought we’d share our favorite Bloody Mary recipe to help you out. Sure, you could just throw some vodka and a splash of Mrs. T’s Bloody Mary mix in a glass and call it good, but that would do an injustice to this iconic breakfast drink. Don’t worry though, we didn’t get too crazy with the fixings. You don’t need a whole fried chicken or squid ink ...

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A Gardener’s Glossary

Whether you are a beginner trying to grow a few herbs on a kitchen windowsill or a seasoned veteran starting a complete backyard renovation, having a glossary of garden terms for quick reference can be helpful. The gardening world is filled with its own sort of unusual terms and phrases that aren’t used anywhere else. To help sort out any confusion, we’ve compiled our glossary of garden terms as a quick reference guide for those ...

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