Coastal Christmas Traditions From Around the World

For many, the visions conjured up when thinking of Christmas includes wreaths, snowflakes and Christmas lights. But what if you live in a coastal area that has white sand beaches instead of snow-capped mountains? What kind of effect does that have on the average holiday traditions? We traveled from coast to coast in search of different warm weather holiday traditions around the world. Maybe you’ll even consider adding a few to your own list of holiday must-dos. Miami                                                                                                                  In Miami where ...

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Chicken Noodle Soup - The ultimate comfort food?

Comfort Foods for those Dreary Days

You know it’s fall when….you begin pulling out sweaters and warmer jackets, you see pumpkin flavored food and drink items on every menu or food display, and you begin to crave what we often refer to as “comfort foods”. These are the ones that you remember your Mom spoiling you with when you were growing up or they might just be foods that warm you up when you start to feel a chill in the air. Regardless, they fill you ...

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Outer Banks Adirondack Chairs at The Pittsburgh Zoo's Islands Exhibit

Check out our Poly Lumber Adirondack Chairs at the Pittsburgh Zoo!

In June of 2015, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium opened a new 22,000 square foot exhibit they named The Islands. This exhibit caters to the sights and sounds of island life with some of the world’s most endangered species, waterfalls, and ponds surrounded by rich tropical flora. Upon entrance, a beach scene welcomes you with sporadic pairs of colorful Adirondack chairs partnered with an umbrella on the large bed of sand. There’s even an oversize Adirondack chair that offers ...

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