Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Deluxe Adirondack Chair with Integrated Footrest

Give Mom the Gift of Relaxation

Moms and grandmas are often the hardest working, most worrying, biggest hearted of the bunch of us, so for this Mother's Day give the special mom in your life the gift of relaxation. Spa days come and go. Candles burn out. But a poly lumber Adirondack chair can last up to 50 years! Here are some made-in-America gift suggestions for mom's backyard that you can be confident she'll love. Deluxe Adirondack Chair with Integrated Footrest The Deluxe Outer Banks Adirondack Chair with Integrated ...

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6 Elements of a Great Outdoor Patio Design

Are you decorating an outdoor living space at your hotel or resort?  Designing a backyard patio that will make your neighbors jealous?  Or giving your weekend vacation home or camp an outside makeover?  Whether you're designing a commercial patio space or just one for you to enjoy at home, here are some decorating elements that will help create the perfect place for you or your guests. 1. Function How do you think the patio will be used? Does it need to be ...

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13 Springtime Marketing Tips for Resorts

Springtime Marketing Tips for Resorts

During spring, your resort transitions from hosting a wintertime audience to welcoming your summer crowds.  Whether you're marketing a coastal getaway, a mountainous ski giant, or a charming lakeside retreat, here are some promotional tips to jump-start your summer resort season. Put your resort on the map.  One of the first things any business should do is register with Places for Business by Google, which will help people discover you on Google search, Google Maps, Google Plus, and their mobile devices.  ...

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