8 Summer Activities for Your Hotel or Resort

Summer is in full swing and families are gassing up their cars and heading on their way to their yearly vacations. They have entrusted your hotel resort to help provide them with a place to rest and relax on their precious days off. But not all guests want to spend all their time by the pool or hitting up the local attractions. Hosting activities within the hotel can help to send your guests home happy and leave them counting down ...

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Adirondack chair wedding guestbook

How Adirondack Chairs Can Fashion Your Beach Wedding

We recently had a customer purchase two Adirondack chairs which were being given to the guest of honor at a recent bridal shower and were also part of the beach theme party decorations! We were thrilled when we found out the shower guests enjoyed getting their photos taken in the chairs, and we were even more happy to hear that the bride-to-be and her fiance were thrilled with the gift! Our customer's delightful story inspired us to imagine the perfect beach ...

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The Perfect Patriotic Party

The 4th of July is fast approaching but don’t fret! Our tips for throwing a great party will make your get together a sensation. Tip #1 Patriotic décor is a must. One of the best ways to show your patriotism is by decorating your space appropriately. A quick and easy way to do that is by using red and navy accent pillows on your patio furniture. Another way to express your pride is by purchasing red, white, and blue outdoor furniture. Not only ...

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