Bug Off: Keep Your Patio Pest Free

Bug Off: Keeping Your Patio Pest-Free

You’re putting the finishing touches on your end of summer bash. You’ve been checking things off your list and it’s finally about to start. The food is ready, the drinks have been stirred, and the lighting is perfect, that is until you hear an irritating buzzing sound enter your peripheral. It’s the mosquito, enemy of outdoor summer activities everywhere. Let’s go back in time; how can you have your party be bug free without installing an OFF! misting booth in your ...

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Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Tailgate Experience

As almost any sports fan or concert-goer will tell you, the event is great, but half the fun is the time before, otherwise known as the tailgate party. It is a time filled with friends, food, and adult beverages. But a great tailgate doesn’t just fall into place; it takes time and preparation to master, so we’ve gathered some tried and true strategies for hosting the ultimate tailgate. Location, Location, Location Just like in real-estate, having a good parking spot is crucial. ...

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How to Order Poly Lumber Samples from ECCB Outdoor

We are pretty proud of the fact that our poly lumber furniture can be made in over 20 different colors, and in many different combinations. At ECCB Outdoor, we feel that every home and family is different, and their furniture should reflect that. But, with so many options to choose from, it is easy to become a little anxious. What if the colors don’t look good together? What if they clash with the rest of your house? Or what if ...

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