3 Ways to Get Started with Indoor Gardening

Winter can be a depressing time, particularly here in the Northeast. The days are short, the nights are long, and it’s way too cold to go out and smell the fresh air. Plus, all those tasty, fresh vegetables that lined your countertops in the summer are gone, replaced either with flavorless hybrids that are designed to travel around the world, or poverty-inducing “organic” produce that still doesn’t capture the flavors of home-grown. But fear not, there are actually ways to ...

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Homemade French Onion Soup

3 Slow Cooked Winter Soups That Are Worth Every Minute

Winter is the perfect time for making soup.  Those cold and dreary days where you just don’t feel like going out and braving the elements are a great time to pull out the Dutch Oven and spend the day whipping up a hearty meal. We picked three of our favorite winter soup / stew recipes to share with you below. All three are meals that we make for our families and friends, year after year. If you make them, let us ...

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Tips for Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree

There is nothing quite like the smell of a real Christmas tree. It fills your home and heart with Christmas cheer and evokes warm memories of Christmas’ past.  But nothing puts a damper on holiday happiness like a tree that doesn’t make it to the 25th. Whether it loses all its needles or has to be cut at the top for being too tall, it can be a real buzz kill. To ensure that you have the best tree on ...

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