Colored Easter Eggs

3 Easy & Delicious Ways to Use Up Colored Eggs after Easter

We usually have at least a dozen eggs left over and, while they’re healthy and delicious with just a little sea salt and black pepper, sometimes you want to jazz things up a little. Over the years, we’ve come up with a few simple ways to use up the eggs.

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Harbor Side Table on a Patio

Why You Need to Add a Side Table to Your Patio

Whether you like to use your patio for entertaining family and friends or you just like having a spot to decompress in nature, there are all kinds of side tables that go with your existing furniture.

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Extension of Roof

How to Create Shade on Your Patio

Don’t let the blazing sun deter you from using your patio to the fullest extent! Adding shade to sunnier spots can increase the likelihood that you can enjoy the outdoors without melting like a popsicle. Check out our ideas below and get ready to sip your iced tea in the shade. Climbing Vines Organic elements like climbing vines trained to spread out on arbors, trellis, and pergolas can make a big impact on blocking the sun. These additions are a natural, aesthetically ...

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