Montauk Table

Creating a Rustic Patio Escape with the Montauk Collection

Rustic farmhouse style has long been extremely popular with interior design, and now it’s making its way outdoors to your patio space. In interior design, the farmhouse style uses a lot of earth tones and and sparingly pairs them with pops of colors to add visual interest. Think rugged, naturalistic, and unrefined. And our latest collection, the Montauk, fits right in! The Montauk Collection looks great in any of our three wood grain colors: Antique Mahogany, Driftwood Gray, and Birchwood. This collection ...

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Introducing the Harbor Collection

You’ve had a long day at work and now you feel as if you are wearing your stress like a second skin. As you sink into your outdoor furniture, you notice the sounds of nature, the slight breeze, and the way the sun is starting to sink below the tree tops causing the sky to erupt into color. You begin to feel the stress of your day disappearing. Finally, you have a moment to just be. To take a deep breath ...

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Beach Mother's Day

5 Ideas for Mother’s Day That Your Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is about showing the mother figures in your life appreciation so give them something that’s more precious than any t-shirt, perfume, or diamond necklace: time. Of course your mother is a ‘number one mom’, so she doesn’t need another mug to prove it. If your mom is like 80% of Americans, she’s done with tchotchkes and would rather have an experience than a physical gift.  So, give her what she really wants instead of something that will sit in ...

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