Poly Lumber Pricing

Why Certain Poly Lumber Colors Are Different Prices?

A question that our customers often have is ‘Why are certain colors a different price than others?’ It is a great question, and the answer lies our choice to use eco-friendly poly lumber. Poly lumber is made from recycled plastics that have long-lasting properties. At ECCB Outdoor, we love that it allows our customers so many color options while being low-maintenance and eco-friendly. The Recycling Process All of our poly lumber is made using 95% recycled plastics that go through quite an extensive process. First, post-consumer plastics, like milk ...

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Poly Lumber Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Think your outdoor area is too small for poly lumber outdoor furniture? Think again! We have four different options of how to fit a little poly lumber in your life, even when you’re crunched for space.

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Two Exciting New Poly Lumber Colors for 2019!

We are excited to announce the addition of two new colors to our poly lumber products for a total of 26 color options. The new colors are Coastal Gray and Brazilian Walnut. Both of these colors feature a beautiful wood grain texture that will leave you convinced it is wood. Only upon closer inspection can you see and feel that it is not actual wood, but a combination of recycled and new plastics made to have a realistic texture and color variance. The new Coastal Gray ...

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