What is Poly Lumber?


Answer: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Outdoor Furniture

As a shopper for your resort or home, you are seeking fair prices, quality products, and a way to feel good about protecting Planet Earth.  Poly lumber offers an alternative to real wood furniture and will exceed your and your guests’ expectations.  What’s been engineered for decades is finally getting its time in the spotlight, especially with today’s growing demand for sustainability.  Simply put, poly lumber is plastic wood. But that doesn’t accurately describe the tough and long-lasting characteristics of this modern day material.  It’s not flimsy and has many benefits for outside commercial use that real wood lumber doesn’t.  As you compare and contrast the differences between a traditional pine Adirondack chair with a poly lumber Adirondack chair, consider these, what we believe are some of poly lumber’s best attributes:

  • Made of nearly 100% recycled materials (no natural resources consumed) ­
  • Free from toxins and chemicals­
  • Non-porous, won’t absorb moisture ­
  • U.V. stabilized to prevent fading
  • ­Resistant to fuels, insects, fungi and salt spray ­
  • Holds up to extreme heat and cold ­
  • Easy to clean (just hose or power-wash) ­
  • Maintenance free ­
  • Termite resistant
  • ­Will not promote bacterial growth or mildew ­
  • Will not crack, split, warp, rot or splinter ­
  • Will not fade ­
  • Available in many colors, and dyed throughout (not just on the surface) ­
  • No waterproofing, paint, or stain ­required
  • Priced inexpensively
  • Expected 50 year lifespan

One of the biggest advantages of poly lumber is how it is manufactured from recycled plastics. Post-consumer waste, such as old milk jugs, water bottles, or detergent bottles, are rescued from an eternal sentence in a local landfill to be cleaned and decontaminated. Next, the waste goes through a compounding process which produces a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid board stock material. Poly lumber manufacturers have conquered the process of taking a blend of plastics to create a solid, strong, durable lumber-like substance that is worthy of construction or building materials, and also…lovely commercial grade furniture. Poly lumber is designed to look and feel like real wood and shares similar weight properties. New uses for this material are still being discovered.

Since its beginnings in the early 1990s, poly lumber manufacturing has developed into an efficient and lean process.  Most of today’s poly lumber manufacturers use sustainable electricity and deliver a truly Eco-friendly product.   Because it’s made of recycled materials, at the end of its long 50-year life, poly lumber will also be fully recyclable which can be turned into something brand new.   Talk about a guilt-free purchase!  By choosing a poly lumber Adirondack chair, you will feel good about your Eco-footprint, and you’ll receive an excellent quality chair made for rest and relaxation.

Plus, poly lumber is available in many fashionable colors, making decorating your deck or patio just plain fun. Whether you prefer a wood-like stain or teak color, or you want an Adirondack chair in a more exciting hue, such as mango, lime green, or aqua, you’ll love the fact that the color is throughout the lumber, not just on the surface.  This means even a ding or a dent won’t chip away the color.

Most poly lumber furniture comes with a long-term warranty to give you added peace of mind.  Just another reason to send your cares away on the breeze as you enjoy a chill out session in your new chair.


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