The BYOD Era and Your Resort’s Patio: 3 Ways to Make Connectivity a Priority

You’ve provided Wi-Fi for your room guests, allowed for mobile check-ins, and even have a stash of extra chargers behind your front desk, just in case.  But have you thought about how the digital age and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era are affecting your resort’s outdoor seating areas?  Consider these points as you strive to satisfy your tablet-lugging, phone-surfing, always-connected customers.

3 Things to Consider for BYOD Patio Design

  1. How strong of a Wi-Fi signal is there on your patio? When you’re on the patio or by the pool, or even using your resort’s private beach a hundred yards out the back door, can you access a strong online connection?  Talk to your IT consultants to ensure you have boosters in place in all the key areas – inside and out – where resort guests may be checking email, interacting with your app, or booking spa or adventure services through your resort’s website.
  2. Where is the closest charging station? No matter where a guest finds him or herself on your property, he or she needn’t be very far from an electrical outlet or charging station.  Talk to your electrician to see how much it would cost to wire some power to your patio or pool area, or consider adding a charging kiosk in your most-trafficked resort spaces.  Don’t forget to use the kiosk for well placed, well designed signage talking up your resort’s own online services or apps, as well.
  3. Is there sun shade?  Unless you’re reading from a specially designed eBook, many device screens are hard to see in very sunny areas.  Prevent the squint and the frustration by offering patio umbrellas for sun shade and having a few common-sized anti-glare clip-on sun screen protectors for tablets, laptops, and mobile phones for borrow or rent at your resort.

Once you have confidence that your most tech-savvy guests will be comfortable lounging in your Adirondack chairs with the world at the fingertips, you can start to promote your community’s connectivity to set your resort apart from the competition and encourage more bookings.

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