How Adirondack Chairs Can Fashion Your Beach Wedding

We recently had a customer purchase two Adirondack chairs which were being given to the guest of honor at a recent bridal shower and were also part of the beach theme party decorations! We were thrilled when we found out the shower guests enjoyed getting their photos taken in the chairs, and we were even more happy to hear that the bride-to-be and her fiance were thrilled with the gift!

Our customer’s delightful story inspired us to imagine the perfect beach wedding – and how our Outer Banks Adirondack chairs would dazzle the decor!

1. Comfy, Casual Seating
Forget the fancy Chiavari chairs, and use seating that is reminiscent of summers by the shore for your beach wedding. Whether you find room for them during your sand-and-sun ceremony or just use a few on the balcony or terrace at the reception, working in some Adirondack seating just makes sense for your beach-themed wedding.  Available in many colors, choose chairs that complement the chiffon in your bridesmaid gowns!

2. Cute Photo Opportunities
The photographer will love having the added props!  The bride and groom can pose pretty (or downright sexy) with crashing waves and a setting sun in the background.  Or, set up a cute display featuring a palm tree backdrop and Adirondack chairs at the reception, along with a basket of one-time-use cameras for guests to take turns snapping shots of themselves hanging out in the relaxing chairs.

3. Unique Guest “Book” Keepsake
Do newlyweds ever look at the signatures in the traditional guestbook after the gifts have been unwrapped and photos hung? A really clever idea is to set a pair of Adirondack chairs near the reception entrance with a stash of Sharpies and ask guests to write their messages to the bride and groom right on a chair!  The happy couple can then use the chairs on their deck or patio for years to come, and every time they sink into them side-by-side, they’ll be surrounded by all the love and best wishes their guests granted to them!

What’s great is that there are Adirondack chair favors, cake toppers, and invitation templates readily available to help tie in your theme for a consistent look throughout the entire event.  So if you’re getting ready to say “I do” in a beach themed wedding, consider adding an Adirondack chair to your must-have list!

A special thank you to Studio Juno for permission to use their photograph.  Looking for a photographer in Washington D.C.? Check them out here:

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