8 Summer Activities for Your Hotel or Resort

Summer is in full swing and families are gassing up their cars and heading on their way to their yearly vacations. They have entrusted your hotel resort to help provide them with a place to rest and relax on their precious days off. But not all guests want to spend all their time by the pool or hitting up the local attractions. Hosting activities within the hotel can help to send your guests home happy and leave them counting down the days ‘til next year’s return. So take a look at our eight ideas for activities to host this summer.

1)      A Marshmallow Roast

Whether you are a beach front resort or a lodge in the middle of the wilderness, a marshmallow roast is fun for the whole family. Simply gather the supplies for your s’mores, including chocolate and graham crackers and head to the fire pit. If you are a hotel that doesn’t have access to any land, you can also use ethanol gel cans as your marshmallow heating station. If you are looking to avoid a flame altogether, you can use an indoor flameless marshmallow roaster.

2)      T-shirt Decorating

A lot of families search for great souvenirs while they are on vacation; why not offer them something they can customize themselves? You can purchase bulk t-shirts in varying sizes and then provide markers or fabric paint for our guests to create their own t-shirts. Not only do they get a souvenir but they will think of your establishment every time they wear their shirt.

3)      Movie Under the Stars

Everyone loves a good movie, but in the summer time most people want to take advantage of the warm weather and spend time outdoors. So why not combine the two and create an unforgettable night? Rent a screen and a projector, and invite your guests onto your, lawn, patio or deck to watch the movie under the stars. You could even set up a small snack bar and offer traditional movie snack options, such as buttered popcorn or Sno-caps. Of course you’ll need great patio seating for everyone to enjoy the movie in comfort.

4)      Activity Bags

Another option, that doesn’t require too much forethought is to offer your guests complimentary activity bags. Some of the items that you could include would be things such as coupons to local restaurants, sand toys if you are close to the beach, a firefly catcher, and a coloring book with crayons. For resorts that cater to an older crowd, guests may appreciate a discount on room service or some complimentary chocolates. Offering an unexpected surprise to your guests can go a long way.

5)      Face Painting and balloon animals

Who doesn’t love balloons? Balloons are inexpensive and put a smile on just about anybody’s face. So choose a day and offer your guests balloon animals and face painting. You could even turn the event into a carnival atmosphere by inviting local artists to display their work or invite a food truck to use your parking lot to sell their delicious treats. Not only are you finding a way to entertain your guests but creating a rapport with your community as well.

6)      Host a Pong Tournament

Most vacations are focused around kids, but Mom and Dad need a little T.L.C. too. Show them some love by hosting a pong tournament. This beloved drinking game doesn’t have to involve unless you have a bar on-site that wants to rev things up a bit this summer. For a more family friendly version, simply use water in the cups and see who can clear the opposing team’s cups first. For sanitation reasons, it is probably best if you have nobody actually drinks, the water. If you need a refresher on the rules you can find the official beer pong rules here.

7)      Bowling Billiard Balls

This idea takes the game of pool to entirely new level. The concept is that you take a regular pool table and supersize it. The balls become the size of bowling balls and the pockets about the size of a circular laundry basket. Not every establishment has the space to build a permanent court outside, but purchasing a tarp, painting on the pockets and then using it indoors would be a great activity for a rainy day. Bowling balls could be switched out for either soccer balls or softer beach balls to prevent injury or damage. You can watch a sample of the game here.

8)      Host a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a summertime classic, so why not offer your guests a search-and-find activity to participate in?  Make the hiding places as easy or challenging as you want, depending on if you’re a family resort or cater to a more grown up crowd. Provide your participants with a list of items and a resort-branded bag for them to collect all their treasures. Then ask them to meet back up at a set time, so you can score the points and declare a winner. For bonus points, you can ask them to Instagram or tweet pictures of their scavenging adventure using a specific hashtag or by tagging your brand’s Instagram or Twitter handle. Not only will they be having a great time but will also boost your social media Klout score!  Plus, you have the opportunity to engage with your customers in fun new ways across both digital and in-person conversations.

Summertime is magical. Capitalize on that magic by scheduling some unforgettable activities. Providing a unique experience can be the difference between a one-time visit and devoted customers who come back year after year.

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