Creating a Welcoming Porch Atmosphere

The porch of your home is like a handshake, welcoming your visitors and serving as a connection point between you and your neighbors. Just as your handshake is important, so is the style of your porch. Giving your porch its own panache gives visitors a taste of what’s to come inside of your home.

Creating your front porch style can be a simple weekend project. First, start by walking outside and taking a look at your porch and deciding what you want your porch to say about you. Is your home the party place? Or is it a tranquil space that you come home to at the end of the day? Your porch should reflect your personal style and disposition.

If you like hosting parties make sure to arrange your furniture for conversation. Furniture placed strategically around a coffee table is a good starting point. An arrangement like that promotes a jovial group atmosphere perfect for welcoming guests to your home.

Conversation isn’t the only thing you might want to keep in mind when arranging your chairs. Also take time to consider the view. One of the biggest appeals of a porch is that it allows you to be part of nature while still offering some shelter from the elements. Make sure to take advantage of the view and arrange your furniture accordingly.

Create a welcoming porch atmosphere with these helpful tips and tricks!

Add a little spice to your porch with colorful mixes. Neutral colors have their place but adding some flair can really set your porch apart. Items such as colorful Adirondack chairs or bright print pillows can bring color to your porch or patio without being over the top. Nobody wants to be the neighbor that is an eyesore so make sure the overall feel isn’t too crazy.

Create a welcoming porch atmosphere with these helpful tips and tricks!Is tranquility what you are seeking? Put up those plants! Hanging some plants on your porch can relax the atmosphere. With a few tactfully placed plants around the space homeowner’s can make it feel like a living room outdoors.

Finally, be sure to add seasonal touches for the holidays. Icicle lights in the winter or Flags on the 4th of July can go a long way in the design of your porch. Door décor is also an excellent way to add seasonal touches. Adding a wreath or even a monogram to your door can boost the overall cozy factor of your porch and being the finishing touch.

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