5 Ways to Personalize Your Adirondack Chairs


Adirondack chairs are a staple of outdoor design. They are classic, yet easy to customize to your personal style. But other than artfully arranging them on your patio, what can you do to make your furniture stand out? We have a few tips on how to bring your style to the great outdoors to create the ultimate relaxation spot.


  1. Accent PillowsAdirondacks with Accent Pillows

One of the easiest ways to make your Adirondack chairs your own is by adding outdoor accent pillows. Doing so allows you to express your style without putting in much time or effort. Instead of matching your pillows exactly to your chair, try using a contrasting color. It adds even more color and zest to the space while keeping it coordinated. Look for pillows with a portion of your chairs coloring to help coordinate. Protip: don’t forget to bring your pillows indoors once the weather changes or you’ll have to buy a new set every year.


  1. PlantsADK Chair

Decorative plants are a little more maintenance than accent pillows but have a more natural vibe.  Its amazing what a few potted plants can do to make an area look more pulled together and finished. Some plants can even be used to keep away the bugs so that nothing can ruin your moment of Zen. Decide whether you want colorful flowers or just general greenery and go from there.



  1. End TableAdirondack Chairs with Endtable

Some Adirondack chairs come with cup holders but not all. So having an end table is not only aesthetically pleasing, but convenient too. The traditional look is to get an end table that matches the color of your furniture. If you are feeling a little adventurous consider getting an end table in a complimentary color. Feeling particularly spontaneous? Try contrasting colors to bring interest to your setup.



  1. Lanterns/Lights

The perfect lighting can make almost any space more romantic. Many different styles of lighting can be used to achieve the same atmosphere. White Christmas lights are great for decorating nearby trees. Whether hanging artfully in the branches or wrapped around a tree trunk light strands offer a soft aesthetic perfect for a midsummers night.

If you have a more open space, lanterns might be a better option. There are many styles of lanterns that you can consider. For a softer feel, Chinese paper lanterns are lightweight and easy to hang. If you are searching for something sturdier, wrought iron lanterns are heavier and give a more traditional look to the decor. If your outdoor space is near a pond, floating lights are another possible option.



  1. ChimineaADK with Chimnea

A chiminea, also known as a portable chimney, is a great way to add warmth to your outdoor area both aesthetically and literally. An additional bonus is you don’t have to commit to a fire pit because a chiminea is more portable and allows you to play around with what setup fits your style best. Consider arranging your chairs around you chiminea for optimal conversation and warmth. When entertaining a chiminea can even be used to roast marshmallows or make other campfire treats.


Adirondack chairs are often used in outdoor design because of their versatility. With the right touches, you can turn your space into a personal paradise. There is no wrong way to enjoy your chairs, so choose your style and run with it. Take risks or play it safe the choice is yours. Whatever you do, don’t forget to take time to enjoy your own oasis and smell the roses, your chairs will be waiting.

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