Porch and Patio Decorating Ideas For Fall

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

Porch and Patio Decorating Ideas For FallIt’s a cool fall morning and you wake up with the realization that it might be time to turn your heat on. You immediately throw on your robe and warm fuzzy slippers to trudge out to the kitchen for a hot cup of coffee. Once brewed, you decide the front porch is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the morning sun. With coffee in hand, you lounge in your plantation rocker and enjoy the wonderful feelings of fall.

This sounds like that kind of morning we all long to have. Your front porch is often a place of refuge and what better place to enjoy it than in the fall? You can make this space even more enjoyable by creating a fall oasis that pulls the spirit of the season into the most welcoming space at your home. Here are a few recommendations on how you can make your front porch not only your favorite place, but also the talk of the town.

Play with Color

Fall is a season that is linked to many rich and earthy colors like gold, rust, orange, red, deep green, and purple. Adding these colors to your porch will not only make it feel like fall has arrived, but it will also give it visual interest to the many passers-by. Consider including color by adding back or neck pillows with fall inspired prints and textures to your chairs, flowers that offer a bright variety of colors, and/or blankets draped over a chair with deep colors that tie into the fall theme. Your selection of colorful furniture pieces and accessories should also be considered so don’t rule out colors in rugs, mats, planters, or any other accessory that you have on your porch.

Add Natural Elements

Outdoor fall decorating is all about nature and bringing natural elements to your front porch. Items like pumpkins, gourds, mums, hay bales, corn husks, and corn stalks are ones that you can typically find in a fall decorated display. Some other items that you may want to consider including are branches, berries, dried flowers, raffia, straw, pine cones, and sticks. These items can be tied into garland and wreaths or placed in planters or tall vases. You may even consider showcasing these natural creations with spotlights or a string of lights for nighttime illumination. The possibilities are endless and all you need to do is gather items that Mother Nature willingly offers.

Be creative

In addition to the simple recommendations mentioned above, know that it’s important to add your own creative touch to your front porch area. Check out this list of fall themed projects and ideas that you can use or create to make your front porch one of a kind.

  • Stack 3 pumpkins atop a rustic bucket or vase and add your address numbers to each pumpkin with a nail
  • Design a “rake wreath” by taking an old rake and adhering some artificial fall flowers and corn husks to it for a nice porch decoration. You can prop it up next to an old wood chair hosting a mum or some pumpkins to create a signature rustic addition.
  • Use an old watering can as a pot for fall foliage and surround it with squash, gourds, or small pumpkins for a small table assortment
  • Create porch pillows for your chairs or plantation rockers using old flannel shirts
  • Stencil your house number on stacking painted pumpkins. Use white paint and black numbers so that it can easily be seen from the road. Or, use black chalkboard paint on your pumpkin with white chalk numbers to achieve the same result.
  • Add burlap bows on wreaths or use burlap as a ribbon tied around a pot of mums
  • Place a rustic ladder on your porch with a variety of fall items on each step like a bowl of gourds, a basket of pumpkins, and a metal bucket of mums
  • Create a pumpkin topiary using different colored pumpkins that are naturally colorful or ones that you paint yourself
  • Incorporate pumpkin lanterns where you take a cast iron lantern and fill it with small pumpkins. If you have a set of varying sizes of lanterns, you can also add gourds, pine cones, and candles to make a colorful arrangement to place on a vintage table or on your front steps
  • Add garland or wreaths made with wood twigs, fall leaves, pine cones, burlap and/or berries. Your mix of items can make your garland unique and bring visual interest to your front porch
  • Include a vintage chair with a basket or basin on the seat filled with a bright colored mums surrounded at its legs by a variety of pumpkins
  • Incorporate a chalkboard with a fall themed drawing, quote, or a simple fall phrase or word that sets the stage for the season

Fall offers so many rich colors and textures that the possibilities for designing your front porch are endless. By using a variety of colors, including elements from Mother Nature, and using your own sense of creativity, your front porch is sure to be your favorite fall refuge. It will be the place that offers you a seat in the arena of the season while you enjoy your hot coffee on the chilliest of mornings.

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