The Top 5 Destinations Offering Breathtaking Fall Views in the USA

Each of the four seasons gives us something beautiful. In spring, it’s the beauty of new life. In summer, it’s the beauty of the sun. In winter, it’s the beauty of freshly fallen snow. And surely to not be forgotten is fall. Fall offers mountains of beauty compared to the others with its rich earthy colors that take over our land. Deep reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows all show their intense vibrancy in the fall foliage whose beauty takes our breath away.

If you’re a fall lover, you know what this means. It’s time to hop in the car to take long drives with many pit stops to admire the beauty of this amazing season. You will likely be inclined to take a picture or two…or three…or fifty. Picturesque places can be found all over our great land but there are many spots that are known for their spectacular views during fall. Our list of the top 5 destinations to find breathtaking fall foliage might be short, but that surely doesn’t mean that Mother Nature has not blessed us with the beauty of fall leaves in other places. See if our list compares to yours.



Massachusetts is known for its historical significance in American history. Visiting places like Cape Cod, the Berkshire Mountains, and Mohawk Trail are among favorite spots to find fall foliage. Along your paths to explore these destinations, make it a point to visit some of the small historic villages, pumpkin farms, and seaside towns that offer an avenue into the spirit of fall. Take the back roads and enjoy biking and hiking all while admiring the beauty of the season.

Peak time to visit: the middle of September to the end of October

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Vermont is a location that is well known for its fall foliage. Places like the Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, and the infamous Route 100 (also known as the “skier’s route”) all offer a scenic view of Mother Nature’s artwork. You can also enjoy the beauty of fall foliage while playing golf on one of the many scenic golf courses, horseback riding in the mountains, or fishing on the lakes and streams. Fall festivals and apple orchards are additional pit stops you might want to make along the way.

Peak time to visit: early September through the end of October

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California is a state that is known for many of its popular locations like Hollywood, Disney Land, beaches along its west coast, in addition to the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. We have all likely heard of all of these places but for those who are nature seekers and fall lovers, there are other locations that stand out. June Lake, Big Bear Lake, Bothe-Napa Valley State Park, and even Highway 49 are among the favorite places to visit for stunning fall scenery. At the very top of that list, of course, is Yosemite National Park with its intense beauty during the fall. With ample activities ranging from hiking, camping, and rock climbing to rafting, horseback riding, and guided bus tours, Yosemite is a great location for those wanting to take in the fall beauty.

Peak time to visit: middle to late October and November

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Great Smoky Mountains from North Carolina to Tennessee


Extending from North Carolina all the way to Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a favorite spot to see the rich colors of fall. With its roadways, campgrounds, picnic areas, and trails, you’ll have plenty of avenues to digest the splendor of fall. It’s a great place to enjoy a waterfall walk, fishing, biking, and backpacking along the stretch of distance of this amazing scenery. If you enjoy driving mixed with scenic overlooks, the Blue Ridge Parkway should be at the top of your list. This 469 mile parkway is one of the most visited sections of the National Park System and has been named “America’s Favorite Drive”. The overlooks along the way are worth the stops, even if you spend the entire day hopping in and out of the car.

Peak time to visit: middle to late October with higher elevations showing the colors of fall sooner

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Colorado is the state that is known for its richness of nature, paired with ample outdoor activities. From skiing, snowboarding, and hiking to white water rafting, canoeing, and rock climbing, there’s plenty to do while soaking up the beauty of fall in Colorado. Must see places are the Elk Mountains with its twin peaks and the Maroon Bells which are close to the city of Aspen. In addition, Estes Park is a popular site where you can find elk and hear their bugle in addition to the many special events and celebration that are hosted in the fall. Nature calls you to this beautiful state offering a rich tapestry of colors in the fall season.

Peak time to visit: the month of September and early October

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