New Year, New Design: Simple Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Area

A brand new year is upon us!  The slate is clean and the doors are open for you to tackle that resolution list you made while ringing in the New Year.  You may have already started to conquer it but it’s not too late to add just one more item: to transform your outdoor space so that you can relax and enjoy it more often.  Here are some ways that you can very simply use to change up your outdoor patio area to give it a whole new look.

Re-position the Furniture

A great way to add a new and interesting look to your outdoor area is to simply move the furniture around.  Have you noticed that it seems like your outdoor patio furniture is bolted to the ground because it’s placed in the exact same spot year after year?  Instead of sticking to the same old set up, try changing it up!  You can place lounge chairs in a space you have never tried them before, angle your table and chairs a different way, or move everything five big steps to the right.  Whatever your method of movement is, place the furniture into new positions to give it a new feel, a new look, and even a new purpose.  You might be surprised at how refreshing it feels and how different the space looks when you are done.  The best part is that if you don’t like it, it’s easy to change it back.

Add Pillows

Adding pillows to your outdoor area is a great way to spruce up your space.  For Adirondack or larger chairs, consider bigger pillows with bold colors and patterns.  For any chair or lounge area, try a mixture of pillows that have different shapes, patterns, and solids which pull from the colors that surround your yard.  If you can’t find the perfect pillows for your area, look for fabric and make the pillows yourself.  Please note: it’s typically recommended to use an odd number of pillows so as not to create an overly symmetrical look.  One, three, or five pillows are great numbers to stick with.

Incorporate Plants

Nature always adds a little something extra to any area, but this is especially true for an outdoor patio.  Potted plants or flowers thoughtfully spread throughout your space bring life to your space and instantly gives it a different look and feel.  When selecting plants for your patio, consider ones that offer a variance in heights, textures, and colors.  You may even want to research and incorporate plants that are natural insect repellents to keep the bugs away.  Regardless of what you choose, don’t forget to add a little more to your outdoor area by using pots made of different materials like glass or ceramic. When you put all of these pieces together, you’re sure to have a space full of life that offers a sensory experience which lends to relaxation.

Warm things up

Have you ever considered adding a fire pit or chiminea to your outdoor space?  It’s not only a great way to create warmth for cool nights, but also a way to give your patio a focal point.  These additions have become quite popular in recent years as homeowners embrace the outdoors in an attempt to extend their usable space.  Easily found at home improvement stores, it’s a good idea to make your purchase knowing ahead of time what you want to use it for.  Will you entertain often?  Will you use it to cook?  Or is it just going to be a way to warm up and relax with a glass of wine before crashing for the night?  From a basic surround to one with a full blown gas burner, your options are open to many nights of fun and relaxation with plenty of warmth.

Lay Down Rugs

Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to any room, indoors or out.  Outdoors, it gives your space a living room feel which helps extend the indoor area to give you the feeling of a larger space.  You can choose to add a rug with colors and textures that match that of the outdoors or you can choose ones that are more bold and patterned to add to the design element of the space.  You may also angle your rug on a diagonal, center beneath your table, or place several in different areas within your space.  Whichever way you choose, rugs are an addition that will ultimately add that little extra something that will make your patio pop.

Give the Area Some Shade

Shade is an important piece to consider for any outdoor area.  Creating a shaded area defines the conversation area but more importantly protects you and your guests.  Awnings, umbrellas, or even sails (triangular strips of fabric that intersect across the patio area) are all simple ways to provide shade to your outdoor area.   Sails can be attached to the side of the house, with wood posts, or patio columns to cover a sitting area, the table space, or even the entire patio area to keep it cool.  Other more permanent ways to add shade are to build a cover over the patio, incorporate a gazebo, or install a pergola with greens growing across the top to provide shade in your space.  If you already have a covered patio and want to create more shade, an easy fix would be to add curtains or outdoor drapes to your fixture to prevent the sun from peeking in.  There are lots of ways to create shade in your outdoor patio; it’s finding the one that works for you.

Other Accessories

In addition to the suggestions above, there are other ways that you can make simple changes to your outdoor patio to spruce it up.  They are:

  • Add lighting with candles, tiki torches, outdoor lamps, or yard lights surrounding the space. You can also wrap mini lights like those used on a Christmas tree around plants, along the frame line of a covered porch, or amongst the greenery along your pergola cover.
  • Include different types of pottery or metal sculptures
  • Hang outdoor mirrors to give the look of a larger space
  • Include chimes or water fountains for a relaxing feel

Making some minor adjustments to your outdoor space can make a major difference.  And with the start of brand New Year, why not take the opportunity to give your outdoor area a whole new look and feel?  It’s a resolution worth adding to ensure better use of usable space as well as a place for your family to enjoy.

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