13 of the Most Unique Adirondack Chairs You Can Find On the Internet

1) The Centennial State of Mind

colorado chair


For the ski and Colorado state lover. A combination of real skis and cedar wood this chair is surely a unique find.


2) The Sleeping Beauty

A great chair for the Disney fan, this chair has been custom painted by an artist with incredible detail. Not only is it a chair but also a piece of art.


3) The Cruiser

Car Chair

Most people dream of own a classic car at some point in their lives.  Now they can spend their days relaxing in their T-bird. Well T-bird Adirondack chair. It’s basically the same right?


4) Margaritaville

margaritaville chair

A Jimmy Buffett Parrothead in chair form. This chair encompasses everything tropical. The beach, bright colors, and relaxation are all included with this Adirondack chair.


5) The Bear Hug

Bear Chair

A little truer in nature to the original Adirondack chair, this bear gives off more of a camping feel than a beach vibe but we love it anyway.


6) The Real MaCaw

Parrot Chair

Do you love parrots? Or just bright colors? This chair is a unique way to express your love for anything tropical.


7 & 8) The Force is Strong with This One

Storm Trooper Chair Darth Vader Chair


For the Star Wars enthusiast. Announce your allegiance to the dark side by placing either of these in your front yard and letting all your neighbors know exactly where you stand.


9)The Bahama Breeze

Palm Tree Chair

In case you don’t have enough palm trees in your life (can you ever have too many?) This chair can add a little bit of beach vibes to your everyday.


10) The Ultimate Man Adirondack

Beer Chair

This Adirondack chair comes with a built in cooler and beer slide. All you need to do is pull the lever and the beer rolls down next to your right arm. It is any weekend warriors dream chair.


11) Something’s Fishy

fish chair

Perfect for the dedicated fisherman, this chair is a colorful representation of one of America’s favorite pastimes.


12) The Cowabunga!

Turtle Chair

For the comic book nerd in all of us, this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle chair is a perfect combination of 90’s nostalgia and relaxation.


13) The Maine Special

Lobster Chair

For all those lobster enthusiasts out there you can travel to Kennebunkport, Maine and admire these one of a kind Lobster chairs outside of a local eatery. Cheddar Bay Biscuits are not included but it does have an open claw cup holder.

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