New Poly Swatches

New Poly Lumber Colors

Exciting News!!!  We’ve added 4 new colors to be exact, for a new total of 24 color options. The new colors are Powder Blue, Antique Mahogany, Birchwood, and Driftwood Gray, and they are now going to be available in all our poly lumber products.

New Poly Swatches

While Powder Blue will be the same texture as all of our original poly lumber colors, which is very smooth to the touch, the colors Antique Mahogany, Birchwood, and Driftwood Gray have a wood like texture to the surface. To the naked eye these colors look just like their wood counterparts. It is only upon closer inspection you can feel the slightly rough surface of the lumber giving it not only the look of true wood, but the feel as well. Fortunately, unlike wood you won’t have to worry about getting a splinter from rubbing your hand along these boards.

Almost all of our poly lumber products can be made in two-tone colors as well. Two different colors can be mixed and matched to create almost any combination. Whether it is two different shades or brown to compliment your house or the colors of your favorite sports team, chances are we have a color to satisfy your needs.

With summer just around the corner, head on over to and put your order in today. You won’t want to miss out on even one day of enjoying your new poly lumber furniture.

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