Which Adirondack Furniture Speaks to Your Design Style?

Everyone has experienced one of those days. You started your morning by spilling coffee all over your white shirt and had to try and subtly hide the stain from your coworkers or risk being teased incessantly. Then your boss decides to completely scrap that big project you’ve been working on. Once you do make it out of the office you hit traffic on the way home and you’re frustrated all over again. But then you have that glorious moment. The one where you step over the threshold of your home and everything just seems that much better. It is your safe space, your haven, everything is just the way you like it. The pictures on the wall, the décor, and especially the furniture are all just the way you like it. It is the first time all day that you feel like you can fully take a deep breath and relax.

Home is the one place where your personal taste and style can truly shine. Homes are all about creating a comfortable, relaxing place for you, and your outdoor area is no different. The challenge in creating an outdoor area that fits with your style is that comfortable outdoor furniture has a tendency to look all the same. That’s why we have pulled together different styles and decor to accentuate the furniture to make it one of a kind and just the way you want it.


If clean lines and breaking from tradition are your thing, then the Lake Shore Collection could be a great option for your backyard. For that modern look, some great color options would be all white or white paired with dark gray. Ultimately, any neutral colors will help to accentuate the already crisp lines this furniture boasts.

Depending on the look you are going for, a few accessories can really complete the look you are looking to achieve. A glass centerpiece filled with seashells is a simple, yet effective way to bring some interest to your furniture. As a bonus, seashells are also a very low-maintenance centerpiece as opposed to flowers that would need watering or replacing. Using simple linens and glass drink ware that also have clean lines helps to not only complete the look but are functional as well.


Looking for something that is just a little bit different from the usual? Consider our Captain’s chair. While the chair has its roots in traditional Adirondack design, the back design has a big more of an edge to it. Instead of the well-recognized rounded back of the Adirondack chair the Captain’s chair features a straighter back for a different look. This chair is an embodiment of a traditional style blending with newer design trends to create an entirely unique composition.

Available in 24 different poly lumber colors, this chair can be made in bright colors to become a statement piece or more muted to accentuate other décor. Pairing this chair with funky but mismatched pillows or unusual plants can add to the eclectic appeal. Interesting lawn art such or wind chimes can bring the whole thing together.


Are you a person who enjoys mixing and matching? Or perhaps bright colors? Then consider adding outdoor furniture that is unusual in color.  Not many people think to use bright orange or aqua blue furniture in their outdoor design but those people just might not be as adventurous as you. With our Outer Banks Collection you have plenty of styles to choose from that allow you to mix and match both colors and furniture pieces.

This collection lends itself well to two-tone designs, making customization a fun and easy process. Make sure that you don’t go too crazy with your designs. Try to choose one common denominator; either keep every piece the same colors and play around with the style of the furniture or vice versa. By doing so your outdoor area will still look put together even if some of the pieces don’t match perfectly.

To achieve this look consider pairing your furniture with bright intricate patterns, such as paisley or henna inspired pillows or blankets. A tapestry also makes a great backdrop while offering privacy from any neighbors that might be peaking in. Plants such as cacti or succulents can really contribute to the bohemian feel.


Classics become classic for a reason; they are pleasing designs that have stood the test of time, not to mention the passing fads. Nothing is more classic than the traditional Adirondack chair. First crafted in 1903 by Thomas Lee while vacationing in the Adirondack region of New York, the Adirondack chair has become an American favorite. While hemlock and pine are the traditional woods used in crafting the chairs, our poly lumber is an eco-friendly alternative engineered from recycled plastics and is long lasting, easy to maintain, and is even resistant to bugs.

Made in traditional wood tones this chair is a great way to accentuate almost any outdoor area, from a dock on a lake, a porch, or even beach front while maintaining that classic feel. Even just adjusting the way you arrange your furniture can give it more of that classic Adirondack look. Consider purchasing multiple chairs and facing them in a circle around a fire pit or a table to promote lively conversation.

To accentuate that feel of comfort and home, have fuzzy blankets and outdoor pillows at the ready. If you don’t have room for a fire pit, adding a few candles to the area can also contribute a romantic feel perfect for a night outdoors.


One style that is relatively unchanging is coastal. Somethings are as unchanging as the ocean and the style that it inspires.

The first thing that comes to mind with coastal design is the use of light neutrals, and pastels paired with an interesting texture. A great way to accomplish that is by getting an Adirondack chair in Birchwood or Driftwood Gray. These colors are still made out of poly lumber but have a more pronounced wood grain to give the look and feel of real wood. Or in this case, real driftwood. Bring out a towel and these chairs will make a great spot for getting some sun or finally tackling your to-read pile.

Team Pride

Do you have a diehard sports fan in your family? If you are trying to turn your outdoor areas into game worthy seating, or let your neighbors know exactly who you are rooting for, consider doing it with right on your patio. With 24 different color options for your Adirondack chairs, you can bring your team colors to your backyard in a subtle way.

Pair this setup with an outdoor bar and you’ll have the perfect spot to host a watch party or just enjoy the game without the crowds.

The best part about folding Adirondack furniture is that if it is game day and you have tickets, there is no reason you can’t take this representation of team spirit to your tailgate party.

Whether you are looking to take some design risks or stick with what you know, the Adirondack style is versatile enough to accommodate many different types of taste. By taking the time to select different accentuating décor the same space can be made to feel completely different. Whatever your style is we hope this guide has started you on your path to creating an outdoor haven that makes you breathe a sigh of contentment.


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