Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Rental

Buying furniture for your permanent residence can be worlds different than buying it for your vacation home. Chances are if you’re renting your home out, you’re in a vacation or tourist-laden area and your goal is to bring future tenants in. By creating a memorable outdoor space, you can make your patio just as cozy as the inside of the home and even attract more renters!

So what furniture is right for your rental?

The type and construction of your furniture is something that will depend a lot on your location. If you’re in a coastal area that has lots of wind and potential for severe weather, sturdy materials that can withstand water and salt spray are ideal.  For example, you won’t want to pick a wood table top at the beach; wood can easily warp if not kept in a climate-controlled space. Instead, try using a poly lumber dining set to satisfy the same need without cracking or blowing away on a windy day. Make sure that you choose the best material for your region to avoid future issues.

Pro Tip: In addition to being built tough, our poly lumber furniture has color throughout the extrusion that will keep your furniture looking new throughout its lifetime.

To maintain your outdoor furniture’s warranty, proper maintenance is essential. Whatever material you decide on, make sure that it’s simple to maintain, saving you and your tenants time. The less you need to worry about how the patio furniture is holding up while you have renters there, the better! If you have a lot of furniture crowding your outdoor space, making it power wash-friendly can also save you time. If your rental home is in a northern climate, it may be important for you to winterize your outdoor furniture in the colder temperatures.

Pro Tip: If you have expectations for your guests to clean and maintain the furniture during their stay, make it part of your rental agreement so both parties are aware.

In addition to durable and easy to maintain chairs, you’ll want to keep with the mood with your rental. If you have a rustic cabin, perhaps use rocking chairs to keep the look going. If you have a coastal cottage, bring the beach to your patio with Adirondack chairs. Even contemporary city lofts can stay true to concept by using neutral color palettes and furniture with modern profiles. No matter your location and style, there’s outdoor furniture that will match perfectly.

Creating the perfect outdoor space not only can help your rental home feel homier, it can increase the chance of your home getting rented. Considering material, the maintenance level, and the mood of how you want your patio to feel can help you make the best decisions when outfitting your rental.

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