What is Deep Seating?

Imagine a beautiful summer evening, a slight breeze is rolling in, and you’re entertaining some out of town friends on your back deck. Murmurs of conversation are broken by fits of laughter rolling across your lawn. Each person has taken up residency on your patio furniture: one on the chaise lounge, three on the sectional, and two on the settee. In this moment, you know your deep seating purchase was all worth it.

But back up, what is deep seating and why is it so much more comfortable than traditional seating?

The term ‘deep seating’ describes seating that has an extended depth on the seat bottom so that, when seated, your entire upper leg is on the cushion. It’s also common to see cushions that are three to four inches in thickness on this type of seating because of how far you are sitting into it. Deep seating will often also feature an oversized, bulkier frame construction to accommodate the overstuffed cushions.

This type of seating is perfect for creating a living room-like feel on your patio. Items like couches, settees, chaises, and armchairs are all part of the deep seating family. Because of the plush cushions, your guests will relax and enjoy themselves freely with the comfort of deep seating.

Have you ever thought about deep seating for your patio? Let us know below!

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