Small Kitchen Space Savers

Some people are blessed to have kitchens with ample space, gleaming countertops cover spacious islands, and storage abounds. Sadly, not everyone has a kitchen like this and most have to contend with limited space. If you fall into the second category, don’t worry, we’ve discovered some creative ways to utilize the space you have for maximum usability.

The Purge

First things first, you need to get organized. Purge your kitchen of the things you don’t need. Expired food, appliances that you used one time and haven’t touched for two years, and any unusable items such as cracked Tupperware, all need to find their way into the trash can. You might be surprised just how much space this frees up.

While you are in the process of purging, you can take the time to clean out and wipe down drawers, cupboards, and cabinets. Having a clean space will instantly make it seem bigger and encourage you to keep it organized.

Work with What You’ve Got

If your kitchen is short on space and you don’t have the budget for an addition anytime soon, you’ve got to work with what you have. Having enough counter space can be tricky in small kitchens and you don’t want to waste it. Items such as over the sink drying racks and stove top covers can utilize the space you have and create some additional counter area.  As a bonus, if your stovetop cover has handles it can double as a serving tray when you have guests over.

Do you have cabinets that don’t go the whole way to the ceiling? That space in between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling can be used as additional storage. Spices and other nonperishables can be placed there and not only is a great way to utilize space but can add a fun vibe to your décor.

If you prefer to keep your cooking oils within reach you can DIY an over the stove oil and vinegar shelf. Usually made of wood it simply gets placed over the display on your stove and creates an easy spot to place your frequently used oils.

Looking to free up some drawer space? Magnetic strips are a fantastic way to get some of your utensils out of the drawer, freeing up space for other things.

In many kitchens, the under-sink storage area is a mess. It often houses cleaning supplies and items such as trash bags and paper towels that are good to have on hand. A great way to utilize that large cabinet is by inserting a tension rod. You can use it to hang spray bottles or place the trash bag roll on it for easy access. By getting these items off the floor, you create more space for other items. Having trash bags on a rod also makes it really easy to grab and go. No more searching around for the box and fumbling to roll it out and rip along the perforated edge.

Inexpensive Upgrades

If you are willing to commit to using a bit of elbow grease and a drill, you can increase the storage space of your kitchen by installing a few key items. Do you have those strange corner cabinets that are big but not totally utilized and awkward to get into? Clearing out the space and installing a lazy susan will do wonders for your storage. Lazy susans allow you to take advantage of the full depth of your cabinet and make reaching items in the back a much easier task. Instead of removing everything in the cabinet to get to that one thing way in the back, just rotate the shelf and the item will come to you.

Similarly, installing pull out pantry shelves can increase your storage and organization significantly. By installing pull out shelves you can gain as much as 50% additional storage; it also allows you to see everything that you have and has the potential to save you money. No more over buying certain items because you keep forgetting that you have a backup that got pushed to the unreachable area of your shelves.

Adding shelves to your kitchen is a great way to increase space. Many kitchens have a window in front of their sink and it creates a gap in the cabinets. Why not mount shelves to the sides of these cabinets? The additional shelving is a great spot to store dishwashing supplies, cooking supplies, or even a few cute nick-nacks that you want to keep but aren’t sure what else to do with.

If you want to increase the space in your existing shelves, you can do that too. Stackable wire racks are perfect for ensuring you get the most out of your limited cabinet space. The racks are available in a variety of heights and widths. This allows for various sizes of plates and bowls to be stacked neatly within the same cabinet. No more lost space between your plates and the next shelf!

While your current kitchen might not be your dream kitchen, there is no reason it can’t fulfill your current needs and become a place that you love. With good organization, some space-saving tools, and a bit of creative thinking, you can turn your small space kitchen into a well laid out, and efficient space.

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