Two Exciting New Poly Lumber Colors for 2019!

We are excited to announce the addition of two new colors to our poly lumber products for a total of 26 color options. The new colors are Coastal Gray and Brazilian Walnut.

Both of these colors feature a beautiful wood grain texture that will leave you convinced it is wood. Only upon closer inspection can you see and feel that it is not actual wood, but a combination of recycled and new plastics made to have a realistic texture and color variance.

The new Coastal Gray is a nice gray color at first glance, but then you notice beautiful brown tones that would make it a great addition to almost any outdoor area. The combination will pull nicely from any surrounding color palette and is a great neutral option if you aren’t quite sure if you want gray or brown.

In contrast, the Brazilian Walnut is nothing but shades of brown. The different colors of brown add depth to the lumber and will have your neighbors wondering how you are able to leave your beautiful wood furniture outside and have it looking great year after year.

They also have the benefits that come with not being constructed of wood. With poly lumber furniture, there is no need for regular sanding and refinishing, no fear of splinters, and no post-purchase guilt. You know that your product was made with eco-friendly materials at a great price.

Another benefit of poly lumber is that it is dyed throughout; which is great for families or anyone looking for a low maintenance alternative to classic wood Adirondack furniture.

Almost all of our poly lumber products can be made in two-tone colors as well as single colors. Our 26 available colors can be mixed and matched to make almost any combination that you need for your outdoor design.

So this winter, while you are daydreaming of all the summer projects you can’t wait to get started on, keep in mind our wide range of color and texture options. To start planning your outdoor oasis head on over to and place your order today.

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