Adirondack Chairs on Patio

How to Buy an Adirondack Chair

There’s one piece of furniture that can instantly turn your regular run of the mill patio into a backyard oasis: the Adirondack chair. This chair gives your outdoor space a sense of home and comfort, the perfect place to curl up with your favorite drink and submerge yourself into a novel. But if you google the search terms ‘adirondack chair’, you’re met with 3.9 million results in half a second and somehow finding your next favorite seat just got a little ...

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ECCB Outdoor: New Company, New Website, New Furniture, & Lower Prices!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new online store at which features a new user-friendly design, new inspiration pages to help you find the perfect look for your outdoor space, and helpful new content about the outdoor lifestyle.  If you were a frequent visitor of our website, you’ll now find everything you need here. ECCB Outdoor isn’t just the name of our new website, it’s an entirely new company, formed to change the game in outdoor ...

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Outer Banks Collection Dining Set with Table and Bar Stools

Make Outdoor Dining Simple on Your Patio

There may be no better feeling than sitting around a table with your family, enjoying a good meal in the great outdoors – eating, drinking, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company. How can you achieve this idyllic vision of a nice day? You’ll have to supply the patio space, family members, food, and conversation, but we know just where you can find a customizable outdoor dining set to start creating those memories. When it comes to dining furniture, we have two ...

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