How to Order Poly Lumber Samples from ECCB Outdoor

We are pretty proud of the fact that our poly lumber furniture can be made in over 20 different colors, and in many different combinations. At ECCB Outdoor, we feel that every home and family is different, and their furniture should reflect that. But, with so many options to choose from, it is easy to become a little anxious. What if the colors don’t look good together? What if they clash with the rest of your house? Or what if ...

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Summer Cocktails and Your Adirondack Chair

5 Cocktails to Pair with Your Adirondack Chair

Vibrant, classic, or laid back, our different poly lumber Adirondack chairs styles have something for everyone, just like a drink menu. We’ve picked out five cocktails to pair your personality with a chair of your own. Get ready to sit back and sip away in an Adirondack chair with your favorite summer drink! So many colors, so little time! We offer over 20 poly lumber colors to choose from with our poly lumber furniture, including in our most popular seller, the ...

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What to Do with the Extra Food From Your Garden

Year after year, gardeners struggle with the same problems. Bugs, weather, and wildlife make up a large part of a gardener’s sleepless nights. Then harvest season rolls around and a new problem arises: what to do with an abundance of crops? While some may dream of having this problem, others end up with more than they can handle. If you find yourself in this boat, we’ve gathered together ten ideas on what you can do with your extra food so ...

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