Location is Everything: Places to Use an Adirondack Chair


Hotel / Resort
Invite vacationers to sink into an Adirondack chair on your patio, lawn, or poolside retreat and watch their cares float away on the breeze.  Use on room balconies or have available for rent with a beach canopy.  Even if you’re in the country, in a ski area, or are a quiet B&B, Adirondack chairs offer your guests a way to escape their stresses for a while no matter what their surroundings.

Create an outdoor oasis at your bar or nightclub.  If your hot spot is tropical-themed or tiki-inspired, Adirondack chairs will be a perfect fit.  Even if you just want to create a relaxing vibe outside for those cornhole competitions you host, your guests will enjoy the zen of an Adirondack chair!  Plus, your guests can rest their drink on the wide arm, or take advantage of the Amish-made Adirondack chairs with cupholders!

Does your restaurant or cafe have a welcoming porch for patrons?  Dress it up with some comfortable Adirondack chairs, which are great for long wait times or when your patrons are meeting up with friends who haven’t yet arrived.

If your coffeehouse has a sidewalk patio, your latte sipping guests will love to catch up on the morning news while sunken into a relaxing Adirondack chair.  No tables needed!

Golf Course
Appearances are everything to a well kept golf club, and the long-lasting beauty of poly lumber Adirondack chairs will create an exterior aesthetic that’s pleasing for any golfer looking for a place to rest after walking nine or 18 holes.

Water Park
Parents will love the lounge feeling while still being perched in a position to watch their young swimmers, and Adirondacks make great chairs for collecting towels, goggles, and sun lotion.

Camp / Lodge
Perfect for gathering around a campfire, the wide arms of an Adirondack chair can help support that bag of marshmallows!

Beach House
Does your vacation rental’s porch need some inviting furniture?  Adirondack chairs could offer your time-sharers something to look forward to for their upcoming stay!

Don’t forget to order a few for your own personal use! They also make great gifts for parents, newlyweds, or your hard to shop for in-laws.

Have we forgotten a great place?  Let us know where you use your Adirondack chairs via the comments below.

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