8 Ways to Give Your Home a Coastal Twist

Whether you have a home located near the beach or just want to add some coastal twists for a seaside feel, there are several changes you can make to achieve that perfect combination of lovely and casual.

1. Choose a Sunny Palette

A beach house is usually built to be an oasis; a place you go as a means of escape from the stress of everyday life. So in keeping with that theme using a light color palate with a few accent pieces creates the stress free environment that many crave. This can be accomplished by painting the walls a light color, usually white, and having corresponding flooring. Next the furniture can be chosen in a similar color. The accent pieces can be pillows or various items placed onto the surrounding surfaces. It is enough to keep the room from looking stark but not enough to overwhelm the eyes and create unnecessary strain.

2. Layer in Color Or Pattern

Layering in color or pattern can sound a little complicated but it’s really not. Accomplish this look by adding subtle prints, stripes or other graphics to boost visual interest in a mostly neutral room. Don’t go too crazy though. You want to keep the look calm and cohesive by choosing complimentary tones. For example in a mostly neutral room adding a white pillow with a gray print will add interest without taking away from the subdued atmosphere.

3. Louvered Doors

Louvered doors make it an easy transition from casual gathering to alfresco seating and enhances your ability to enjoy the beach. These doors help to open up the room and make it appear larger while creating an inviting atmosphere. The additional light helps to create a softness to the atmosphere to create a truly relaxing environment. Louvered doors are also great for entertaining purposes by allowing easy access to the kitchen while still enjoying a meal outdoors.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

Why pay for décor when you have some of the most unique pieces right outside your door? On your morning walks of the beach pick up any interesting pieces that you find. Shells can be put into a vase and made into an interesting addition to your coffee table. Even driftwood can be made into a candle holder or a planter for succulents. These items will be more meaningful and be budget friendly.

5. Embrace the Coastal Lifestyle

By the coastal lifestyle, I mean a slower way of life. A great way to encourage yourself to slow down is by adding deep seating to your home. Adding a pair of Adirondack chairs to your backyard or porch can be a great reminder to hold up and enjoy what nature has to offer. If Adirondacks aren’t your style a porch swing is another great option that can help to make your home the sanctuary that you deserve.

6. Transform a Mirror

You don’t need to completely redesign a room to reflect the beach-house décor that you want. You can inject the coastal style in small doses. Take an average mirror to the next level by adorning it with a collection of shells or sea glass. All you need is a glue gun and a little patience. This idea is easily applied to large photo frames as well.

7. Artfully filter Light

It is common for lighting to take a backseat in the design process, but it is one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of a room. By taking a nice, light, gauzy curtain you can artfully soften the lighting to make the lighting in a room feel less harsh and more like a haven.

8. Create a Napping Nook

A napping nook doesn’t only need to be used for napping. It is more of a quiet corner that a person can go to escape the world for a few hours. A large comfy chair with some great pillows and an end table should get the job done. Place them into a corner and you a place all your own. Be sure to measure your items before moving them to make sure they don’t over crowd the area. There is a difference between cozy and crowded.

No matter your price point, with a few adjustments any home can be given a coastal ambiance. Now is the time to start creating the beach home of your dreams.

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