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5 Amazing Beach Destinations on AirBNB

Airbnb is a privately owned accommodation rental website based out of San Francisco, California.  Founded in 2008, Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, and is now present in more than 34,000 cities and 191 countries.  The service has experienced fabulous growth, not only in popularity, but also in its community of users.  It offers hosts the ability to sign up to rent out their space and travelers the ability to sign up to find a place to stay.  When comparing hotel prices with Airbnb locations in select U.S. cities, an online statistics portal called Statista reports that Airbnb is a cheaper alternative to paying for a hotel room.

AirBNB also has some amazing coastal getaways.  Whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach front home or a condo within walking distance from crystal blue waters, you will be able to enjoy the view, sun, and waters from these top 5 beaches in the USA.  Each of these destinations comes from one of the world’s foremost beach experts, Dr. Stephen Leatherman.  Also known as Dr. Beach, Dr. Leatherman is a professor and director for the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University who has been evaluating over 650 beaches every year since 1991.  He evaluates each beach on 50 specific criteria which includes: the number of sunny days annually, softness of the sand, currents, cleanliness, beach slope, and competition for beach space.  The top winner of each year’s report is taken off of the list for the next year, which opens up the door for a new beach as the top destination annually.  Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Beaches 2015 offers 10 destinations, but for the sake of showcasing some Airbnb listings at each of these beaches, we will focus on the top 5.

Be on the Beach Surf Sweet - AirBNB listing

1) Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Waimanalo Beach is noted for its turquoise water and white sand, a beach lover’s dream location for a getaway.  Airbnb hosts some interesting listings that can accommodate any number of people you are traveling with to this amazing beach location.  Let’s say you and your significant other are looking for a quiet cottage close to the water.  The Be on the Beach Surf Sweet might be perfect for you.  Or, maybe you have a large party and want to split the cost of a large estate to really feel pampered on your vacation.  The Royal Hawaiian Estate might be the perfect place for your week off with family and friends.  If you’re looking for a location that is out of the ordinary and you don’t mind staying on the North Shore rather than right on Waimanalo Beach, you’ll need to check out the House of Sacred Circles North Shore.  With all 3 bedrooms having round beds and circular rooms throughout, your party of 4 will find this home quite unique.  Airbnb offers options for you to consider for whatever type of dwelling you need.

AirBNB coastal getaway

2) Barefoot Beach Bonita Springs, Florida

Not far from bountiful nature’s preserves, Barefoot Beach is another one of the top locations that Dr. Beach labels the best.  Beach vacations are always fun when a group of friends and their immediate families all pitch in to book an entire home for the week.  It cuts the cost and quite enjoyable when you can share your time off with others.  The Brightmore Home may be a hop and a skip from Barefoot Beach but a great location for a fun crew.  Airbnb also hosts dwellings that just give you a place to sleep so that you can be close to the sand and water.  Whether you chose this Luxury Penthouse Studio Condo or a less expensive option like Bonita Springs, SW FL, Beachfront!, you’ll be close to the coast and able to take some much needed time off.

Florida Beach House - AirBNB

3) St. George Island State Park, Florida panhandle

Airbnb has a handful of options when it comes to St. George Island lodging, all in the middle of the island with each end of the island hosting a state park or reserve.  It’s always fun to find dwellings that offers a little something different and unique.  This home called Newer Home, Bay Views in town NICE! is an adorable home located close to shopping, dining, and beaches with great views of the bay.  Or, how about this Bayfront Home St George Island, Fl that looks like a log cabin in its setting a bit back from the water in the trees.  Now, if you’re willing to stay off of St. George Island but close enough to drive, this Floating Upscale Condo on River is an option you won’t see everywhere.  All unique in their own way but still close enough to the coast to relax and enjoy.

Hawaiian Beach House on AirBNB

4) Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Next up on the list is our second best beach in Hawaii.  Beautiful scenery is a must when you’re on a coastal getaway. This home, called Hamoa Beach House – oceanfront Hana offers a lanai with visions of the ocean amidst the palm trees and backyard with included hammock.  It’s great to see the water but when engulfed with greenery, the vision is stunning.  If you’re looking for more water in your view, you may consider #203 Lanakila – Ocean View 1 Bd for your family of 4.  With other options available and more searching on the Airbnb site, you may find something more fitting to what you are looking for your own personal getaway the is budget friendly for you.

Cape Hatteras Beach House Rental on AirBNB

5) Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks, North Carolina

A running theme for coastal vacations is to fit as many people as you can in one home and enjoying time together.  This home, named SoundFront Beach House Walk 2 Ocean, serves just that purpose. Or you might even try a home named Pool/Waterfront/hot tub/8 bed/6 bath which has a breathtaking view of the water.  If filling a large home with friends and family isn’t your cup of tea, consider searching on the Airbnb site where you can input your check in and check out date, the number of guests, and your desired location for more information.

What could be more relaxing than a few days near the water?  Check out the Airbnb website here to learn more about this company with how you can book a lodging space and/or become a host for yours and other’s vacationing needs.

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