Year of the Rooster: How Does Your 2017 Look?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an idea of how your year will go? What to avoid and what to keep an open mind to? Of course it would be! If you check newspapers or magazines, you’re bound to find a zodiac section, filled with different star signs and what your day will hold. With the Chinese New Year coming, up a whole new perspective on your horoscope could do you some good.

The Chinese zodiac system links a 12-year cycle to an animal and alternates each year. For example, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. In another 12 years, it will be a Rooster year again. Your Chinese zodiac animal sign depends on your birth year in this cycle and the Chinese lunar calendar, which begins on Chinese New Year. The animal signs include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. If you were born in 1993 (24 years ago- or a multiple of 12), you are a Rooster sign.

In addition to your animal sign, there is also an element, depending on your year. Gold (metal), wood, water, fire, and earth elements work in conjunction with the animal sign for certain personality traits. These combinations recur every 60 years. For example, 2017 is a Fire Rooster year, meaning people born this year are trustworthy and have a strong sense of responsibility.

If you want your 2017 so go a little more smoothly, here are some hints:

If you are a Rat sign, your fortune is looking relatively good this year. It is advised that you put more effort into your current job and you will see the rewards. This is a great year for you to get married or begin having children.

If you are an Ox sign, you will have many new opportunities this year. In the career field, Oxen will have fortuitous finance and career development. But be careful on the health and romantic fronts, you’ll want to err on the side of caution.

If you are Tiger sign, be willing to accept help from the people around you. In love and career, take notes from others and go with the flow. This will be a year when you learn new things, so just prepared to take it all in!

If you are a Rabbit sign, this is going to be a rocky year. At work, there will be a lot of pressure and difficulty, which may push you to the edge of your career. Give in and move into what suits you better. Your bad luck cycle can be disrupted by getting married.

If you are a Dragon sign, your year is looking positive, especially if coupled with a relationship. Intuition will be your guide this year. Think carefully through taking the plunge with work, health, or love.

If you are a Snake sign, luck is on your side this year! While lucky, Snakes should lead with priorities to ensure success in their career. Keep thinking straight to overcome obstacles, especially the second half of the year. Health and love will be uneventful but take time to enjoy the small things.

If you are a Horse sign, be prepared to accept help from females. With new opportunities abound, Horses can look forward to good luck in their careers. With the love front looking like smooth sailing, Horses should take care to enjoy time with friends and family to relieve stress.

If you are a Goat sign, bad luck and feeling helpless will follow you into this year. Work very hard to learn and study where you currently are in your career, wait until next year to get out of your comfort zone. Spend your time taking care of the seniors in your life, your love life will be stagnant this year.

If you are a Monkey sign, this is a great career year for you! A mentor will help you to you to expand these work opportunities and carry over the good luck into your personal life. If you are a single Monkey, it is likely you will find love.

If you are a Rooster sign; watch out. In accordance with Chinese legend, you are actually unlucky in your zodiac year because you are “offending” Tai Sui, the God of Age. To ward off bad luck, it is advised that you wear red (not bought by you, only gifts), accessorize with jade, and adjust your furniture and dwellings to face east.  While your health, wealth, and love prospects aren’t looking great this year, you can find success in leadership and your creativity.

If you are a Dog sign, get ready for a bumpy ride. To be rewarded this year, you will have to go above and beyond your efforts from last year at work. Don’t let this pressure get the best of you, your health is at risk. Work extra hard this year, next year is Year of the Dog, therefore, unlucky to those born in the year.

If you are a Pig sign, you should spend all of your energy on your career. While your health and love life will remain the same, your career focus can bring you luck. This work drive can bring you lots of opportunities for social interaction; it’s time to network!

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