Beach Mother's Day

5 Ideas for Mother’s Day That Your Mom Will Love

Beach Mother's DayMother’s Day is about showing the mother figures in your life appreciation so give them something that’s more precious than any t-shirt, perfume, or diamond necklace: time. Of course your mother is a ‘number one mom’, so she doesn’t need another mug to prove it.

If your mom is like 80% of Americans, she’s done with tchotchkes and would rather have an experience than a physical gift.  So, give her what she really wants instead of something that will sit in a closet collecting dust.

Giving mom the gift of time or an experience (whether by herself or to be with family), offers her a chance to do something that she might not carve out time for herself. When it comes to figuring out which experience is right for your mom, you have to get a little creative. Again, the end result should be that she feels appreciated.  We’ve put together some ideas to help you get started.

For the home chef. Mamas that are used to doing all the cooking will really appreciate the sentiment of you getting a little flour on your hands while making her favorite meal. If you have children, this is a great chance to get them involved. If you’re not confident enough in your cooking skills to make something great, then you can at least get her an easier way to cook at home, maybe consider a HelloFresh subscription. This way she can take out the guess work of what to make for a week or two and just refer to the menu.

Cooking for Mom

For the social butterfly. If your mom loves to go out, an event would be a great gift.  Just remember, you may be buying, but this event should have your mom’s name written all over it; if your mom loves Jazz, take her to a Jazz concert, even if it’s not your jam. When you give her the tickets for the event (think art gallery, concert, or show of some sort), also make a promise to go with her. The time you spend together is part of the gift, not just the event itself.

Concert Hall

For the thrill-seeker. Help the mom in your life cross bungee jumping, skydiving, or kayaking off her bucket list. If you’re feeling especially brave, you could even do these together. Make sure to take plenty of pictures, this will be a gift for the history books (or even better yet, the family Christmas card). It’s all about the experience, right?


For the exhausted. Whether you reserve a few hours for her or a whole weekend, a trip to the spa can do wonders for moms looking for a little more peace and quiet. If the mom in your life’s schedule doesn’t allow her to leave the home for long, you could always use PRIV or a similar service that brings spa treatments like a massage or mani-pedi straight to her.

A Spa Day For Mom

For the floral enthusiast. Instead of just buying your mom a floral arrangement, grow one in her yard that will last longer than a few weeks. Not only will the flowers add to the landscape, but create a space where she can have some alone time. This is another one where kids can lend a hand and even plant a row all their own. Just be sure to include a shift schedule for weeding out intrusive plants or going to a nursery and choosing the plants together!

Mother's Day Garden

While these gifts are very customized to different moms’ personalities, the message of appreciation and thinking outside the box is the same. The mom in your life deserves a special gift that involves makes memories and precious time. She can always appreciate a physical item but there’s nothing like a good memory of spending time together. You don’t need to spend a ton of money to show the mom in your life what she means to you; you just need some time to spare.

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