Team Spirit

Show Off Your Favorite Team Colors with an Adirondack Chair

Football season is back and in full force. September is the kickoff for both college and National Football League games. Tis the season for fierce rivalries and die hard fans. We have a long way to go before playoffs, bowl games, and Super Bowl picks, but it’s time to start rekindling your team spirit in a whole new way. Made of durable poly lumber by our Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen, these two-toned ...

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4 Fall Promotional Campaigns for Your Resort

As kids head back to school and with the onset of cooler weather, the summer crowds begin to diminish at your resort, leaving Adirondack chairs empty along your quiet pool patio.  Your marketing team is probably hard at work to revamp your email marketing, ad spend, and OTA presence to boost fall visitor rates to your four seasons resort.  Here are a few more ideas to keep your "Vacancy" light ...

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The BYOD Era and Your Resort’s Patio: 3 Ways to Make Connectivity a Priority

You've provided Wi-Fi for your room guests, allowed for mobile check-ins, and even have a stash of extra chargers behind your front desk, just in case.  But have you thought about how the digital age and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era are affecting your resort's outdoor seating areas?  Consider these points as you strive to satisfy your tablet-lugging, phone-surfing, always-connected customers. 3 Things to Consider for BYOD Patio Design How strong of a Wi-Fi signal ...

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13 Springtime Marketing Tips for Resorts

Springtime Marketing Tips for Resorts

During spring, your resort transitions from hosting a wintertime audience to welcoming your summer crowds.  Whether you're marketing a coastal getaway, a mountainous ski giant, or a charming lakeside retreat, here are some promotional tips to jump-start your summer resort season. Put your resort on the map.  One of the first things any business should do is register with Places for Business by Google, which will help people discover you on ...

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